NeuraScreen is a computerized test battery dedicated to evaluate the various cognitive abilities of human subjects by submitting them to a battery of neuropsychological tests. It is user friendly, versatile and fully configurable without the assistance of a computer programmer.

  • It covers most important cognitive domains
    • Memory
    • Mental speed/reasoning
    • Reaction time
    • Attention
    • Cognitive flexibility
  • 20 subtests available
    • Testing time < 1 hr
    • Mixed of cross-cultural as well as verbal/cultural tests
    • Other tests can easily be developed
    • Can be equally balanced by cognitive domain
      • Allow for calculation of cognition summary score
      • Allow for detection of predominant drug activity per domain
  • Questionnaire and self-rating scale
    • Non cognitive pre-tests (colors, sounds...)
  • Attention
    • Reaction time task
    • Divided, selective and sustained attention
  • Visuospatial perception
  • Declarative memory - modalities: visual ( spatial/non spatial), verbal and aural
    • Semantic (memory of facts and concepts)
    • Episodic (memory of events)
      • Working memory
      • Memory span
      • Delayed recognition (matching or non matching rules)
      • Associative memory (paired associates)
  • Executive function (problem solving)
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